Silent Zone AR Opera prototype

Silent Zone

For the past year we've been building an AR opera, meant to tour the world.
Watch the 25min documentary, that Danish national television made about us us:
Kulturmagasinet Gejst

This first prototype is complete and we are now actively looking for funding to create the final experience


  • Louise Alenius
  • Tue Biering
  • / Nikolaj Stausbøl
  • Darshika Karunahara
  • Tine Reingaard



A 400m2 1 hour epic VR journey, where the user walks, balance and lie down.

We were the lead tech and responsible for the user experience and overall performance of the piece.
It ran for 3 months in the middle of Copenhagen


  • Makropol
  • AWE
  • Rigsters

Transitional Speculation

Wang & Söderström

Live 3D printed models with a digital AR Hololens layer


  • Wang & Söderström

AR fashion show collab


In 2017 Copenhagen fashion week experienced its first AR fashion show
Wang & Söderström created the 3D models and overall esthetics.
We created the AR app and Unity setup


  • WeAreTheFaces
  • Wang & Söderström

An orchestrated chaos

Client: Djämes Braun / Sony Music

Can you storyboard, instruct, film and produce a 4k 360 music video in a week?
Sony Music approached us with the challenge.


  • Djämes Braun
  • Wafande
  • Tiger
  • Carpark North
  • Spectres
  • Søren Rasted

Julie Bjørnskov & Nikolaj Stausbøl

Project Manager: Mikkel Kehlet

Production Coordinator: Malou Gottschalck

Actor Coordinator: Liv Krogh Olesen

Prop Master: Gustav Pontoppidan

Lighting: Carl August Jansson

2 sides of the same concert

Client: Go Go Berlin

"Being there" on the stage has been done a million times. It's the classic pitch for a 360 production of a live concert. How about we challenge that? Are there other ways?

This video is a teaser for a pretty funky thing we're doing with Go Go Berlin. We promise, the end production hasn't been done before! For now you'll have to take our word for it and enjoy this video in stead.

The video itself is a bit funky as a closer look will show that it's not just a 360 camera at the middle of a stage, but rather 2 wide angle cameras at either side of the stage. Their footage has been merged back to back, giving the impression of a 360 movie, while actually you can watch the band perform from 2 angles.

Julie Bjørnskov & Nikolaj Stausbøl


  • Go Go Berlin
  • Arve Gotfredsen - The band's live soundman. Responsible for the audiomix for this video and a really awesome dude in general!